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Bica, located in the heart of Lisbon, is a vibrant neighborhood best known for its iconic funicular, the Bica Elevator. Combining its historic roots with a modern and bohemian lifestyle, it presents an alluring destination for wealthy visitors or investors interested in the energetic and cultural side of Lisbon’s thriving real estate market.

Historical Significance & Location

Bica, characterized by its steep streets and picturesque houses, offers a picturesque snapshot of traditional Lisbon. Bordered by the district of Chiado to the north and Cais do Sodré to the south, it provides a central location close to the waterfront. Its narrow cobblestone streets and charming balconies create a unique and memorable ambiance.

Investment Opportunities & Lifestyle

Real estate in Bica offers a mix of charming traditional apartments and refurbished modern buildings. Prices per square meter have been steadily increasing, ranging from €6,000 to €8,000 in 2023, making it an attractive area for investment. The neighborhood is popular among locals and expatriates alike, offering a bohemian lifestyle with its local businesses, bustling nightlife, and close proximity to the Tagus River.

Connectivity & Amenities

Bica’s central location makes it highly accessible. The area is well-served by trams and buses, with the iconic Bica Elevator providing a unique way to navigate the steep streets. Several international schools, such as the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre, are located nearby, making the area convenient for families. The area boasts a range of quality restaurants and cafes, offering a taste of Lisbon’s renowned gastronomy.

The Attraction Factor

Bica’s star attraction is undoubtedly the Bica Elevator, a national monument offering beautiful views over the city. The neighborhood is also known for its vibrant Fado music scene, with several establishments offering live performances. The Time Out Market, a popular food hall located nearby in Cais do Sodré, is a haven for food lovers, offering a curated mix of eateries and stalls selling local produce.

Main Arteries & parks

The main artery of Bica is the Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, known for its yellow funicular, traditional tiled houses, and small local businesses. The area lacks large parks, but the nearby Santa Catarina viewpoint offers a pleasant outdoor space with panoramic views over the Tagus River and the city.

Exclusive to Bica

Bica is renowned for its annual street party, the Santos Populares, held in June. During this time, the neighborhood transforms into a hub of festivity with grilled sardines, local wine, music, and dance, attracting both locals and visitors.
Bica’s architectural appeal lies in its narrow streets and traditional buildings with colorfully painted facades and ornate iron balconies. The area’s sense of community is strong, with local businesses and residents contributing to its vibrant, bohemian atmosphere.

For investors and visitors alike, Bica offers a slice of authentic Lisbon life – a perfect blend of historic charm, lively cultural scene, and a booming real estate market.