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ARE E Central Lisbon E Alvalade


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Alvalade, Lisbon

Alvalade is a parish located Alvalade is situated in the central-northern part of Lisbon. It is predominantly an educational and residential zone. The parish features multiple schools and universities, making it a hub for educational activities. Additionally, the area consists mainly of residential structures, offering a variety of housing options for its inhabitants.

Neighborhoods in Alvalade include

  • Alvalade,
  • Campo Grande,
  • São João de Brito.

Alvalade serves as the core of the parish, featuring educational institutions and residential areas. Campo Grande is known for its large park and green spaces, while São João de Brito is primarily a residential neighborhood.

Adjacent parishes to Alvalade include Areeiro to the southeast, Campo Grande to the west, and São Domingos de Benfica to the northwest.


ARE E Central Lisbon E Alvalade