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Madeira Autonomous Region

The Madeira Autonomous Region is an archipelago distinguished by its rugged landscape and a network of levadas, which are irrigation channels designed to distribute water throughout the island’s agricultural areas. The region is characterized by its subtropical climate, verdant gardens, the renowned Madeira wine, and the colorful annual Madeira Flower Festival. The Madeira region comprises two inhabited main islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, and two groups of uninhabited islands, the Desertas and Selvagens.

Island Largest City Second-largest City Third-largest City Fourth-largest City
Madeira Funchal Câmara de Lobos Santa Cruz Machico
Porto Santo Vila Baleira

Main islands of Madeira archipelago

Porto Santo

Porto Santo is a small, beautiful island near Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean, and it's part of Portugal. It's not as big as Madeira, being only about 11 kilometers (around 7 miles) long and 6 kilometers (about 4 miles) wide. So, it's much smaller and you can easily...

Madeira Island

Madeira is a large island in the Atlantic Ocean, part of Portugal, and the biggest one in the Madeira Archipelago. Imagine it as the top of a huge underwater volcano that started forming over 5 million years ago. It's pretty old! The island is around 57 kilometers (35...

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