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ARE E Northern Lisbon E Lumiar


Lumiar • district of Lisbon – Portugal

Lumiar is a parish located in north of Lisbon, Portugal, known for its significant concentration of educational zones and its recreational areas, including public parks that are well-maintained and offer multiple amenities for outdoor activities. Occupying a land area of 6.57 square kilometers and home to approximately 46,000 residents. Initially noted for its noble farms, olive groves, and vineyards, the area was incorporated into Lisbon on late 19th century. Over time, Lumiar has evolved into a densely populated residential and commercial area, undergoing a major change with the Alta de Lisboa project to establish a new central zone within the city.

Geographically, it is strategically located to the west of Lisbon Airport and enjoys excellent connectivity due to its proximity to key city routes like the 2ª Circular and North-South Axis road. Lumiar is bordered by the neighbouring parishes of Carnide to the west, Olivais to the east, Santa Clara to the north, São Domingos de Benfica to the southwest, and Alvalade to the south.. Among its attractions are the José Alvalade Stadium, known as the home club of football player Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as the National Theatre and Dance Museum, Museum of Lisbon/Pimenta Palace and the Costume Museum. The parish is also home to the Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilases park. Residential zones within Lumiar include Telheiras, Quinta do Lambert, and Campo Grande. The area features a large shopping center, hypermarkets, and sporting facilities that host a variety of sports such as volleyball, handball, gymnastics, and swimming pools.

Lumiar Historical Significance

Paço do Lumiar began as a royal estate and farm, which was later subdivided to create a residential area. The site now encompasses a range of historic palaces and farms, enhancing its cultural value. The Paço do Lumiar includes key estates like Quinta dos Azulejos and Quinta do Monteiro-Mor, which contains important landmarks such as the Monteiro-Mor Palace and the National Museum of Theatre and Dance. Additional noteworthy heritage sites include the mansion at Quinta do Pisani, the Palace of the Count of Paço, Casa do Nicho, and the fountain at Largo do Paço.

Lumiar attractions

  • José Alvalade Stadium – is the football stadium of one of the 3 biggest football teams in Portugal, hosted in Lisbon. It serves as the home ground for Sporting Clube de Portugal, with a seating capacity for around 50,000 spectators. It has hosted various important events, including league matches, European competitions, and international fixtures. The stadium is noteworthy for its association with renowned football players, including the beggining of Cristiano Ronaldo professional career.
  • Museum of Lisbon/Pimenta Palace – A cultural institution showcasing Lisbon’s history.
  • Costume Museum (Museu Nacional do Traje) – Focused on historical costumes and textiles.
  • Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilases Park – A public green space for recreation.

Historical Heritage

  • Quinta dos Azulejos
  • Quinta das Hortênsias
  • Quinta do Marquês de Angeja
  • Quinta do Monteiro-Mor – Hosts the Monteiro-Mor Palace, National Museum of Theatre and Dance, and Botanical Garden of Lumiar.
  • Capela de São Sebastião (Chapel of St. Sebastian)
  • Palacete da Quinta do Pisani
  • Palace of the Count of Paço
  • Casa do Nicho
  • Fountain at Largo do Paço

Living in Lumiar positive aspects

Lumiar offers several positive aspects that make it an attractive place to live. The area is well-connected to the rest of Lisbon through key city routes like the 2ª Circular and North-South Axis road, and its proximity to Lisbon Airport is advantageous for frequent travelers. Despite being densely populated, the area offers a range of amenities such as shopping centers, hypermarkets, and sports facilities, catering to a variety of lifestyle needs. The presence of green spaces like Quinta das Conchas e dos Lilases provides recreational opportunities, while historical and cultural landmarks such as the José Alvalade Stadium and Museum of Lisbon/Pimenta Palace offer cultural enrichment. Various residential zones like Telheiras, Quinta do Lambert, and Campo Grande provide diverse housing options to suit different preferences.

Types of properties in Lumiar

The residential area of Lumiar is primarily composed of apartments, and luxury apartments situated in condominiums, there are still some neighbourhoods, like Ventura Terra, made of  of villas with private property plot. A significant number of these have been renovated, providing modern living conditions. Additionally, new luxury residential developments in the area often feature green spaces for recreation and larger streets for improved traffic flow. These features contribute to a living environment that combines the benefits of urban living with some elements of a more suburban or open setting.

ARE E Northern Lisbon E Lumiar