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ARE E Northern Lisbon E Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Santa Clara: Suburban Areas (Low-Density Residential)

Santa Clara is a parish in the northern part of Lisbon. It is primarily known for low-density residential areas that provide a quieter lifestyle compared to central Lisbon. The main feature of this parish is the presence of larger homes and more green spaces compared to more urbanized parts of the city.

Neighborhoods in Santa Clara Parish:

  • Ameixoeira: Predominantly residential, Ameixoeira is a quiet neighborhood, appreciated for its family-friendly setting and local amenities like schools and parks.
  • Charneca: Similar to Ameixoeira, Charneca is mostly residential with a less busy environment, ideal for families seeking a quieter lifestyle.

Adjacent Parishes:

  • Lumiar: Located to the southwest of Santa Clara.
  • Carnide: Located to the west of Santa Clara.
  • Olivais: Located to the southeast of Santa Clara.


ARE E Northern Lisbon E Santa Clara