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ARE E Eastern Lisbon E Marvila


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Marvila, Lisbon

Marvila is a parish in the eastern part of Lisbon, bordering the Tagus River to the south. Known for its industrial zones, featuring various industrial establishments, and ongoing urban renewal projects that aim to revitalize the area.

Neighborhoods within the Marvila parish includethe river zone of Marvila and Braço de Prata, and the green area of Parque da Bela Vista, particularly noteworthy as the location where the music festival Rock in Rio takes place every two years:

  • Marvila: This is the central neighborhood of the parish and shares its name. It is characterized by its industrial zones, but also features ongoing projects aimed at urban renewal and revitalization.
  • Braço de Prata: This neighborhood is undergoing transformation, with a mix of residential and commercial development. Its proximity to the Tagus River adds to its appeal.
  • Parque da Bela Vista: Primarily known for its large park area, this neighborhood offers recreational spaces and is also a venue for large events, such as concerts and festivals.

Adjacent parishes to Marvila are Alvalade and Areeiro to the west, Olivais to the North, Parque das Nações to the northeast, and Beato to the southeast.

ARE E Eastern Lisbon E Marvila