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ARE E Central Lisbon E Avenidas Novas

Avenidas Novas

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Avenidas Novas is a parish centrally located, lying toward the northern part of Lisbon, primarily known for its blend of business districts, characterized by corporate offices, and residential areas that predominantly feature apartment complexes. The neighborhoods within this parish include Saldanha, São Sebastião da Pedreira, and Campo Pequeno.

  • Saldanha is a commercial hub, noted for its business centers and shopping malls.
  • São Sebastião da Pedreira is mainly residential but also includes diplomatic quarters.
  • Campo Pequeno is known for its iconic bullring that also serves as a venue for concerts and events.

Neighboring parishes to Avenidas Novas include Arroios to the southeast, Areeiro to the east, Alvalade to the north, Campolide to the west, and Santo António to the south.

ARE E Central Lisbon E Avenidas Novas