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ARE E Eastern Lisbon E Olivais


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Olivais, Lisbon

Olivais is a parish located towards the northeast of Lisbon’s administrative boundary. Primarily a residential area, the parish is notable for its proximity to important transportation hubs, including Lisbon Airport. This makes it a convenient location for travelers and those who value quick access to the airport and other modes of transport.

Neighborhoods in this parish include

  • Olivais Norte,
  • Olivais Sul,
  • Olivais Velho.

These neighborhoods maintains a mostly residential character. Olivais Norte and Olivais Sul, in particular, are known for their well-planned urban layout and the availability of essential amenities.

Adjacent to Olivais, you’ll find the parishes of Parque das Nações to the east, Marvila to the southeast, Alvalade to the southwest, and Santa Clara to the west.

ARE E Eastern Lisbon E Olivais