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ARE E Northern Lisbon E Carnide


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Carnide, Lisbon

Carnide is a parish located in the northwestern quadrant of the Lisbon metropolitan are. It is known for its low-density residential areas and religious centers, particularly churches. The parish is generally characterized by a more suburban atmosphere, contrasting with the bustling city center of Lisbon.

Carnide comprises neighborhoods like the historic:

  • Carnide Velho, which is known for its traditional architecture and the Church of Carnide, and the more modern areas such as
  • Luz, where you can find the Colombo shopping center, one of the largest shopping centers in Lisbon. Luz also hosts the Estádio da Luz, the stadium for the S.L. Benfica football club.

Neighboring parishes include Lumiar to the east, Benfica to the southwest, São Domingos de Benfica to the south, and the municipalities of Odivelas and Amadora to the north and west, respectively.

ARE E Northern Lisbon E Carnide