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Property for sale in Lisbon and Cascais

Lisbon	's center properties
The center of Lisbon is the most cosmopolitan place, a mix of traditional architecture and modern Lisbon, luxury and tradition
Properties Historic Downtown
The Historic Center of Lisbon is where you can find the Lisbon soul, the most emblematic streets and places. Currently a highly valued area
Lisbon Cascais
Cascais, located just 20 minutes from Lisbon, is a village full of history, natural beauty, surrounded by the sea, where we can find some of the best houses in Portugal.
If you want to live in Portugal, on our website you will find more than 1100 regularly updated properties for sale in Portugal, most of the properties are located in the best neighborhoods to live in, in new developments in Lisbon, Cascais, Comporta, and other places of excellence. Portugal is an attraction for investment, with the opportunity to acquire a Portuguese passport for citizens from all continents of the world, the so-called Golden Visa, tax benefits for Europeans, excellent universities and private colleges, a top-notch atmosphere that allows you to live year outdoors, good infrastructure, lots of nature to visit from the north to the south of the country, fantastic beaches, avenues with international luxury brand stores and malls, excellent restaurants and cuisine, golf courses, monuments and millenary history, and above All in all, good investment opportunities.
Portugal is also classified by the international media as one of the best countries to live in, one of the safest countries in the world, a stable country with friendly people. And these are just some of the reasons to live in Portugal...!

Houses for sale in Portugal, New developments in Lisbon, and real estate taxes

Properties in Portugal
We have selected other places in Portugal, outside of Greater Lisbon, especially Alentejo and Troia, where you can find dream properties to live in.
New real estate developments
From Lisbon to Cascais, Comporta and the best luxury developments to live in Portugal
IMT tax calculator • Buy real estate in Portugal
Find out the tax amounts to pay when buying a house in Portugal
Portugal is a country without inheritance rights. Investments in real estate in Portugal are safe investments that last in full until resale, or for your heirs. All properties promoted by are freehold. Freehold property is inheritable, with no restrictions on the owner's right to transfer property later. The fees to be paid in a deed of transfer of real estate are the IMT (Municipal Tax on Onerous Property Transfers) and the stamp duty, paid by the buyer.
Properties in Sintra
Sintra is a historic site, a village located in the middle of the mountains near the sea, surrounded by unique vegetation, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Lisbon North Properties
North of Lisboa, the recent location of Lisbon, where you will be able to find the malls, football stadiums, modern buildings, hospitals, airport and other amenities
Lisbon Coast Properties
Lisbon coastal sites located along the river, as Alcantra, Bethlehem, Restelo, somehow endowed Lisbon tradition. Here you can find properties of noble heritage façade
Buying property in Portugal
Buy and Sell Properties in Portugal - questions and answers
Article written by a lawyer
An article where we find answers to several initial questions...
What are the documents, whether or not I should enter into a promissory contract of sale, what are the essential elements of a promissory contract, what does "ceding the contractual position" mean, what are the consequences of breaching a promissory contract, the what is a provisional registration, what registrations should i do, what is the housing data sheet, what documents should i require, when should i pay the municipal tax on onerous transfer of real estate (imt)? How is the taxable amount calculated?

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