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ARE E Central Lisbon E Areeiro


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Areeiro, Lisbon

Areeiro is a small parish situated towards the center, slightly leaning to the northeast. This area has a significant presence of governmental buildings, making it an important administrative hub. In terms of healthcare, this parish is adequately served with various hospitals and clinics, classifying it as a healthcare district.

Neighborhoods in this parish include

  • São João de Deus: known for its green spaces and is home to the Fonte Luminosa, a monumental fountain.
  • Alto do Pina: a predominantly residential area with a blend of old and modern architecture.

Areeiro is bordered by the parishes of Alvalade to the north, Avenidas Novas to the west, Marvila to the east, and Arroios, Penha de França and Beato to the south.


ARE E Central Lisbon E Areeiro