Living in Oeiras - What you need to know ...

Living in Oeiras

Oeiras is located roughly midway between the towns of Lisbon and Cascais and Sintra. Located on the north bank of the River Tagus, where it merges with the sea, in front of about 9 kilometers. This location has been aggregating new centers face to investments and Oeiras already stands out by being independent of the metropolitan area in which it operates. This vitality resulted in the installation of a prominent national companies, particularly related to cutting edge technologies and advanced services companies.

In Oeiras the importance of the service sector is much higher than the national average reflecting this importance is the existence of large commercial supply of information and communication related to real estate activities and financial technology companies, and services to businesses. Also scientific research is a consolidated area but still booming highlighting the Center for Technology Transfer Institute of Welding and Quality, UMIC - Agency for the Knowledge Society, the Institute of Experimental Biology and Technology, at the Instituto Gulbenkian Science, laboratory of General Directorate of Protection of Cultures and several research centers, including the Institute for Biomedical Technology and the Center for Developmental Biology, Genetics and Development of Natural Tolerance, among others.

The good accessibility to major roads and railways of the country contributed greatly to this development. Oeiras is served by the railway line Cascais enables quick and convenient access to either Lisbon or from the west side. This rail link to Lisbon also allows quick connection to the rest of the national and international network. The road network is also very affordable, offering connections to major highways with national axes, particularly to the north and south of the country and Spain. The proximity of the international airport of Lisbon is also important since it puts a door for everyone just minutes from the center of Oeiras. Oeiras is an oasis of modernity and the future one step closer to the world.

This combination of reality excellent accessibility with a strong investment in the development of services and businesses reversed the traditional commuting and now, Oeiras is not a "dorm" but rather a place that gets manpower from outside the county, proof of a thriving village and the future full of opportunities. Oeiras is a young village which has seen population growth with birth rates above the national average and rates below the national average mortality, without neglecting the quality of life for families.

As if they were not quite the wonderful social indicators of Oeiras, weather is also fantastic. Oeiras is in the transition between the river and the sea in a sheltered from cold winds and strong waves from north location. Thus the climate is mild throughout the year, winters and cool summers undemanding. Thus, the south facing beaches are sheltered and great for those who enjoy the calmness of the sea and the winds. The nearest Oeiras area can enjoy numerous beaches, including the beach of Torre, the beach of Santo Amaro de Oeiras Beach Paco de Arcos and Caxias beach. These are urban beaches, very well endowed with restaurants and terraces, supervised during the bathing season and with very high levels of cleanliness that have been intervened with rising sand. In the case of the beach and the beach of Torre Paco de Arcos, there is available to users of the internet an infrastructure wireless network.

The more adventurous have at their disposal the beaches of the west coast of the municipalities of Sintra and Cascais, conducive to extreme sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, SUP, kiteboarding, windsurfing, sailing and other water sports. Among some of these beaches are in the next state wild and will delight nature lovers. Nature lovers also have at their disposal the natural beauty of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, where you can conduct walking trails and other activities related to air-free.

For the more urban, Oeiras features a promenade of about 4 miles in length, along the sea, inviting a walk, a bike, a race or just reading a book. Oeiras also boasts several parks and recreational areas of great quality, especially if the aforementioned promenade, the complex Jamor where you can practice several modalities, including swimming, cross, golf, football, athletics, tennis and canoeing, the oceanic pool, marina Oeiras, besides several landscaped areas a bit all over the village.
The quality of life of Oeiras also include a great diversity of cultural offerings and quality, whether in museums and can be visited historical places, whether in the show offer, highlighting the Gunpowder Factory Barcarena, the Art Center - Collection Manuel Brito, the Palace of Egypt Cultural Centre, solo show at the Village Pre-History Liceia, the Exhibition of Archaeology of the Municipality of Oeiras, the Aquarium Vasco da Gama, the oil mill, the Antique Automobile Club Portuguese, among others.

Of course you can not talk in tourism and leisure not to mention the Estoril Casino, which is located a stone's throw Oeiras and provides a cultural program of great quality, beyond the emotions of the game. All this tranquility and quality of life are within walking distance of Lisbon, the decision centers and a world of opportunities that accrue to Oeiras offers.

Oeiras is also a land of choice for young students, distinguishing itself by offering quality pre-school to higher education, whether in public or in the private offering. Another was the network of libraries that allows good moments of study, research or leisure. To emphasize the technological forefront of Oeiras that can allow great opportunities for entering the labor market in top national companies. The commercial offer, as mentioned above, is of great quality and diversity, able to satisfy the most demanding of requirements. However, the proximity to Lisbon provides access to the most exclusive shops and services. Oeiras joins tranquility and quality of life to success in education and investment in the social sector, in addition to the corporate strength and success to the technology level and research. A place to discover opportunities.