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Rio Mirear

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Rio Mirear condominium • Description

Rio Mirear

Rio Mirear development is a private condominium located in Miraflores, Algés, within the Oeiras district of Lisbon, Portugal. The development comprises 54 apartments spread across 13 floors, featuring typologies ranging from two to five bedrooms. The apartments are sized between 97 to 197 square meters, with the higher floors offering views over the Tagus River and Monsanto Park. Each unit is equipped with generous balconies, a sought-after feature for contemporary living, and includes premium finishes with sophisticated design.

This new building is situated near the Tagus River and Monsanto Natural Park, its proximity to the center of Algés provides easy access to restaurants, schools, green spaces, health services, commerce, and business hubs.

Rio Mirear condominium features include a gym, multipurpose room, an elevator and parking for all apartments. The building is also enhanced with amenities like a sauna, solar panels, a terrace, double-glazed windows, a communal room, and balconies. In terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, the project has implemented several measures. These include a Waste Management Plan during construction and the use of recyclable materials such as 100% recyclable cardboard in wooden doors and highly recyclable glass and aluminium in windows. The floors are also recyclable.

Water consumption is optimized through efficient dishwashers and washing machines, dual-flush toilets, and flow-managed taps in bathrooms and kitchens. Energy efficiency is a priority, with appliances offering high energy efficiency, multi-split air conditioning with low energy consumption, double walls, roof and facades with high-performance thermal insulation, LED lighting with automatic sensors, and solar panels on the roof. The elevators are low consumption with traffic management systems, and the double-glazed windows help conserve heat.

The condominium includes pre-installation for electric vehicle charging and parking for cars and bicycles.

Designed by architects Cristina Rocheta and Paulo da Gama, the Rio Mirear project is a testament to modern living, where comfort, sustainability, and access to city amenities and natural beauty are harmoniously integrated.

Highlights of Rio Mirear Miraflores

  • Prime Location and Design: Situated in Miraflores, Algés, near the Tagus River and Monsanto Natural Park. This proximity to urban amenities and natural landscapes, coupled with the sophisticated design by architects Cristina Rocheta and Paulo da Gama, makes it an attractive choice for modern living.
  • Comprehensive Amenities and Facilities: The condominium is equipped with an array of amenities such as a gym, multipurpose room, sauna, terrace, and communal areas, enhancing the sense of community and well-being.

Rio Mirear development feature list

  • Development Name: Rio Mirear
  • Type: Development/ private condominium
  • Country: Portugal
  • District: Lisboa
  • Town: Oeiras
  • Neighborhood: Miraflores
  • Floors: 13
  • Total Units: 54
  • Typologies: Apartments with two, three, four, and five bedrooms
  • Access to Floors: Elevator
  • Pool: Yes
  • Features: Elevator, gym, views of Monsanto and Tagus River, spacious areas and balconies
  • Advantages: Good quality construction, amenities like gym, views of Monsanto and Rio Tejo
  • View: Monsanto and Rio Tejo
  • Distance from Golf: 4.1 km
  • Distance from Beach: 3 km
  • Distance to the airport: 14 km to Lisbon International Airport
  • Minimum Interior Area: 97 m2
  • Maximum Interior Area: 197 m2
  • Minimum Balcony Area: 9 m2
  • Maximum Balcony Area: 178 m2
  • Architects: Cristina Rocheta and Paulo da Gama

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Rio Mirear / Homes for sale

Showing 10 properties for sale on Apartment for sale in Rio Mirear, Miraflores, Oeiras (we have private listings. Contact us for personalized criteria)