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ARE E Portugal Living Guide E Visas for Living in Portugal

Visas for Living in Portugal

Portugal's visas options for residency

Living in Portugal after 3 months visiting visa

If you are a citizen of Switzerland or any EU/EEA country, you do not need a visa or residence permit to live in Portugal. However, you must register your residence if you intend to stay for more than three months.

If you are a citizen from any country other than Switzerland or the EU/EEA, you’ll need to obtain a residence visa or permit, depending on your nationality and circumstances. To do this, first determine the appropriate visa or residence permit (investment, family reunification, study, work), then gather the required documents, such as a valid passport, proof of financial means to support yourself in Portugal, health insurance, and others. Submit your application at the Portuguese consulate or embassy in your home country, and once in Portugal, apply for a residence permit at the Portuguese immigration office (SEF – Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras). We always recommend that, if you can afford it, you consult a lawyer to help you with this process, as this may increase your chances of getting it faster and easier.

Types of visas for living in Portugal

  • Tech Visa: A visa created to attract qualified professionals in the technology and innovation sectors to work for certified Portuguese companies.
  • D7 Visa (Passive Income Visa): This visa is for individuals who can demonstrate a stable income or financial resources, such as retirees or remote workers, and wish to reside in Portugal without working locally.
  • Golden Visa (Residence Permit for Investment Activity): This program grants a temporary residence permit to non-EU/EEA investors who make significant investments in Portugal, such as real estate purchases, capital transfers, or job creation.
  • Short-stay Visa (Schengen Visa): This visa is for short visits, tourism, or business purposes, and it allows you to stay in Portugal and other Schengen countries for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
  • Temporary Stay Visa: This visa is for specific purposes, such as pursuing professional training, engaging in research or educational activities, or providing temporary services. It is usually valid for a stay between 90 days and one year.
  • Residence Visa: This is a pre-entry authorization for foreigners intending to apply for a residence permit in Portugal for purposes such as work, study, family reunification, or entrepreneurship. Each of these options has different visa requirements. Upon arrival in Portugal, foreigners holding a residence visa must apply for a residence permit at the immigration office (SEF).

Insights on the Process of Obtaining a Portugal Residence Permit or Visa

Knowledge is for those who know. Our specialization is in tourism and real estate. We understand Portugal like no one else, and when it comes to real estate, we can modestly say that our knowledge is well above average, with years of experience and connections to the best professionals in the field. As for legal matters, we provide a brief summary with the help of lawyers.

  • If you require more detailed information or assistance with legal matters, we suggest contacting qualified lawyers who specialize in Portuguese law. We recommend seeking out experienced professionals who can offer expert guidance and support.
  • If you what to solve the process by your self, visit the official immigration services website at (https://www.sef.pt/),
  • the European Judicial Network for information on legal systems in EU countries, including Portugal (https://e-justice.europa.eu/),
  • or the Portuguese Ministry of Justice’s official website, which offers information on various legal matters such as family law, labor law, and immigration law (https://www.justica.gov.pt/).

With that clarified, we can then assist you in your real estate search on our website, or through a direct call with the number you can find on our properties or contact page.

ARE E Portugal Living Guide E Visas for Living in Portugal