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Beato Quarter

Beato Quarter / Homes for sale

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Beato Quarter condominium • Description

Bearto Quarter

The Beato Quarter is a private condominium located in the Convento do Beato complex neighbourhood of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. This unique residential complex encompasses five independent buildings, creatively classified into three segments: Arch (comprising three buildings), Brick (one building), and View (one building), with a total of 61 units, featuring a diverse range of apartments with configurations from one to five duplex bedrooms. Designed by the architect Tomás Salgado, the Beato Quarter is a blend of cultural and artistic potential, representing a trendy, rejuvenated, and forward-thinking location.

The interior areas of the apartments range from 67 sqm to spacious  348 sqm with balconies, varying in size from a modest 3 sqm to an expansive 159 sqm.

One of the standout features of the Beato Quarter is its commitment to environmental sustainability, evident in the provision of private parking areas equipped with electric vehicle charging facilities. The development also offers storage solutions for residents.

In terms of amenities, the Beato Quarter is well-equipped to cater to a range of needs and preferences. The development includes features such as air conditioning, alarm systems, bathtubs, boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves, and electric vehicle charging points. Each apartment is designed with top-notch finishes and offers access to common garden areas, promoting leisure and relaxation.

Situated in a privileged location near the Tagus River, between Parque das Nações and the historic downtown of Lisbon, the Beato Quarter pays homage to the area's industrial style with elegant and sophisticated brick facades. It is conveniently located near local commerce, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, cowork spaces, and furniture stores, ensuring all necessities are within easy reach. This location is not only culturally rich but also offers practical convenience, being just 6.2 km away from Lisbon International Airport, 9.8 km from a golf course, and 20 km from the beach.

The architectural design present in the Beato Quarter respects and integrates the industrial style tradition. The Brick segment, consisting of three buildings named X, Y, and Z, features a distinct brick facade, reminiscent of the area's industrial chimneys. The Arch segment, set in a romantically styled edifice with ornate stonework and decorative arches, has comfortable and well-lit apartments. The View segment, positioned in a former milling, stands out with its iron pillars, wooden beams, and rhythmically arranged windows.

The condominium, adjacent to the Beato Convent, a trendy location in one of the best areas of Lisbon,  is arranged around a unifying green area, creating a serene and harmonious community within the bustling cityscape of Lisbon.

Highlights of Beato Quarter Apartments

  • Diverse and Luxurious Living Areas: In the Beato Quarter the apartments are distributed between t1 to T5 duplex typologies. This variety caters to different lifestyle needs and preferences, ensuring that residents have ample quality of life. The apartments are designed with top finishes and provide access to communal garden areas for relaxation.
  • Sustainable and Convenient Location: Located by the Tagus River, between Parque das Nações and the historic downtown of Lisbon, it is a short distance from essential amenities like local commerce, restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. The development also provides a parking lot dedicated to electric vehicles. Its proximity to Lisbon International Airport, golf courses, and beaches adds to its appeal.
  • Unique Architectural Heritage: The Beato Quarter is notable for its architectural distinction, integrating historical elements with modern design. The development comprises three segments: Brick, Arch, and View, each with unique characteristics designed for the different needs and requirements.

Beato Quarter property feature list

  • Development Name: Beato Quarter
  • Property Type: Development / Private condominium
  • Country: Portugal
  • District: Lisbon
  • Town: Lisboa
  • Neighbourhood: Beato
  • Floors: 6
  • Type: Apartments with one, two, three, four and five duplex bedrooms, distributed across five independent buildings and grouped into three areas: Arch (three buildings), Brick (one building) and View (one building)
  • Total Units: 61
  • Typologies:
    • 1 bedroom apartments: 24
    • 2-bedroom apartments: 21
    • 3-bedroom apartments: 13
    • 4 bedroom apartments: 2
    • 5-bedroom duplex apartments: 1
  • Access to Floors: Elevator
  • View: Garden and city
  • Parking: Yes, private with electric vehicle charging for 1 to 2 parking spaces
  • Storage: Yes
  • Distance from Golf: 9.8 km
  • Distance from Beach: 20 km
  • Distance to the airport: 6.2 km to Lisbon International Airport
  • Advantages: Private condominium located near local commerce and restaurants, offering balconies and green spaces. Private parking with
  • Minimum Interior Area: 67 m2
  • Maximum Interior Area: 348 m2
  • Minimum Balcony Area: 3 m2
  • Maximum Balcony Area: 159 m2
  • Architect: Tomás Salgado

Beato Quarter / Homes for sale

Showing 26 properties for sale on Apartment for sale in Beato Quarter, Beato, Lisbon (we have private listings. Contact us for personalized criteria)