Lisbon coastline - brief introduction ...

Lisbon coastline - brief introduction

Lisbon is a city that needs no introduction. It is the center of the largest urban area in the country of Portugal and is full of interesting sites and opportunities . It is a cosmopolitan city par excellence. Was from Lisbon that have begun the discoveries of new worlds. This mythical epic would transform Lisbon in the first global city in the world. This heritage still breathes throughout the city and the many visitors who travel through Lisbon carrying us, in a way, for the hustle and bustle time of discovery for a bustling and welcoming city, with great traditions, renewed in their infrastructure. Lisbon is one of the most visited cities in the world.

The Portuguese capital is also a very important center of commerce where are the headquarters of major national and international companies, is where the largest container port in the south of Europe is and an airport that connects Africa and South America Europe. Proof that Lisbon is a land of opportunities is the fact that the region's GDP is higher than the EU average by nearly 5%. Lisbon is also considered the capital of the Portuguese-speaking world, this represents an open to a community of around 250 million people window. Lisbon brings together a diverse range of high quality standard in regards to education, being home to some of the highest rated European universities, colleges of excellence and numerous opportunities for inclusion in the labor market in top companies for young people ending their training.

Lisbon has always had a tremendous connection to the Tagus river and next to this was that developed some of the most important districts of the city, such as the municipalities of Alcantara, Belem and Restelo. The three districts mentioned complete the riverside area of Lisbon, to the neighboring municipality of Oeiras. Alcantara is always an area very close to downtown and is a key aspect of accessibility from downtown Lisbon. Alcantara combines the advantages of a waterfront with its own charms to the proximity of the rest of the city. The districts of Belém and Restelo impressed by the tranquility and good access to the rest of the city. The Restelo has a wide open avenues towards the Tagus offer views and fantastic environments of an odd tranquility. In Belém, the surroundings of the story is unmistakable, surrounded by green spaces, parks and gardens.

It is in this that Lisbon can enjoy the most wonderful views of the most impressive heritage and the peace of mind that a big city can offer ... always two steps away from everything else that is important.